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The speed challenges are organized by various portals like or Usually each week a new subject is announced which has to be visualized either by creating a model (modelling challenges) or by making a digital painting (painting challenge) in a certain time limit.

The challenges are very good ressource to improve own skills and knowledge and - of course - to have fun. In the following sections you find most of my entries and some other stuff I just tacked on for the fun of it. speed modelling challenge entries odererd by challenge chronology
Sofa Toaster Nine Men's Morris Travelstar 2046 Old Compass Screwdriver
Weird, Multifunctional Bike Thing Stainless Steel Scissors Cuddle Shrew Slippers Cinderellas Lost Shoe High Noon Dorothy Gales Shoes (Wizard of Oz)
The Road to Greenland Cellphone Handtop: Communicator A Party Without Clown? Candle Mr.Ed Sings the "Happy, Happy Birthday!" Song.
Avatar Puzzle Perplexing Pyramid (Variant) Elephant Spinout Playing the Piano Zool Little Coloured Fellows
Under the Red Umbrella Steam Furnace The Best Can Opener of the 31th Century Buffys Equipment Superman Off For Work Penguin Commando
A Little Pain On the Rocks High-Grade Steel Pot Surprisingly Small USB Joysticks Ten Carat Jade Dragon
Hair Brushes Roundabout I'm just Hangin', Man! Dune Racer (Mad Max Style) Mr.Bear Took Over Mensch ärgere dich nicht.
Blizzard from the Netherworld    speed painting challenge entries odererd by challenge chronology
Land in the Sky Undead Pirate Guy Painting on Wall Smoke The Ugly Duckling Storm
The Beauty and the Beast Colors of the Sky  speed modelling competition entries odererd by competition chronology
Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum... The Coffee Break        

 miscellaneous images not challenge related
Little Cars Misty Night        

 awarded images in chronological order
2005/05/19, Stainless Steel Scissors, runners up ( speed modelling)
2005/06/30, Travelstar 2046, honorable mention ( speed modelling)
2005/07/11, Painting on Wall, winner ( speed painting)
2005/08/27, The Ugly Duckling, 3rd ( speed painting)
2005/08/31, Handtop: Communicator, winner ( speed modelling)
2005/08/31, Cellphone, honorable mention ( speed modelling)
2005/08/31, The Road to Greenland, runners up ( speed modelling)
2005/09/04, Perplexing Pyramid (Variant), honorable mention ( speed modelling)
2005/09/04, Elephant Spinout, runners up ( speed modelling)
2005/09/04, A Party Without Clown?, honorable mention ( speed modelling)
2005/09/04, Candle, runners up ( speed modelling)
2005/09/04, Ninja of the 'Nth' Dimension, honorable mention ( speed modelling)
2005/09/30, Steam Furnace 4000, winner ( speed modelling)
2006/08/06, The Beauty and the Beast, 10th (assembly '06 - drawn graphics competition)
2006/08/08, Buffys Equipment, winner ( speed modelling)
2006/08/08, Superman Off For Work, runners up ( speed modelling)
2006/08/08, Penguin Commando, runners up ( speed modelling)
2006/08/11, The Beauty and the Beast, 3rd ( speed painting)
2006/09/09, A Little Pain, runners up ( speed modelling)
2006/10/10, High-Hrade Steel Pot, runners up ( speed modelling)
2006/12/10, Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum..., best traditional model ( speed modelling)
2007/02/08, Surprisingly Small USB Joysticks, runners up ( speed modelling)
2007/02/26, Ten Carat, runners up ( speed modelling)
2007/02/26, Jade Dragon, winner ( speed modelling)
2007/03/21, Hair Brushes, runners up ( speed modelling)
2007/03/21, Roundabout, runners up ( speed modelling)
2007/05/18, I'm Just Hangin', Man!, winner ( speed modelling)
2007/10/08, Mensch ärgere dich nicht!, runners up ( speed modelling)
2008/04/30, Blizzard from the Netherworld, winner ( speed modelling)
2008/12/03, Colours of the Sky, winner ( speed painting )
2009/01/03, Photographer's Accident, 1st ( speed painitng)
2009/01/17, A Winter Impression, 2nd ( speed painting)
2009/03/13, A Reminiscence of the Machine Age, 3rd ( speed modelling)
2009/03/13, Dreaming of New Moon, 2nd ( speed modelling)
2009/08/19, Pens and Marbles, (Featured/ printed in the 3DArtist magazine #6)
2009/09/20, Mister Bear Took Over (Widescreen Version), 4th (STREAM SIX 2009 - Graphics Competition)
2009/09/26, Moo (Photography), Winner ( nature Photography Contest)
    Award 3dtotal Award 3dm3

 related stuff it needs to be here
2005/06/23, How to Make Many Buttons in 120 Seconds (Cinema4D tutorial)
2005/06/30, Materials and Textures: Glass with Liquid (Cinema4D tutorial)
2005/08/04, Making of 'The Ugly Duckling'
2006/08/16, 'Voodoo Set: Mouse Trap' Manual (description for 'A Little Pain')

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